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Recap my existing asphalt driveway with 1 14 to 4 inches of fresh asphalt. In addition, he came back the following week for project #2 to bring in some crushed concrete/rock to fill in depressions and uneven areas in our long dirt driveway to make it level and stable.

From the beginning to the end of both projects Walter was CONSISTENTLY present in answering my questions, reviewing viable options, never provided one ounce of pressure to get the contracts for the job I wanted done, he answered my phone calls and text messages EVERY SINGLE TIME. He never left me worrying if he would even show up to do the job, if I was going to get cheated out of my money or provide me a poor quality job with poor quality materials. He came out to see me the same day to review my driveways and listen to my concerns. He even came out again after 6:30 pm on a different date to visit with my neighbors to answer their questions or concerns on the group dirt driveway project. From the beginning, during and after the asphalt driveway was completed he was a passionate professional in ensuring the project was done right. He hand tapered the asphalt to my concrete sidewalk and driveway so there was no mess and a complete smooth transition. He melted in areas to ensure the entire driveway was seamless. He took careful attention is included fine sand in the asphalt mix at the top of the layer for asphalt. The entire job relieved my anxiety in wondering if the job would match my vision for perfection. He ensured the asphalt driveway was leveled, graded and filled in with the requisite amount of asphalt (whether it was 1 and a quarter inch to four inches to get it done right). Other asphalt or dirt driveway contractors either charged thousands more than Walter and would use less asphalt so they could pocket the money and not worry about the quality of workmanship, or never returned my calls, I had one never show up to even do the job, and I had one not deliver on his promises. It also seems these contractors would rather take the bigger jobs like a shopping mall parking lot than your little driveway project. By the way, my asphalt driveway and dirt flag lot driveway projects were not small. If you want the careful attention your home deserves, then contact this professional to do your driveway to get what you are paying for. Not seeing him or many asphalt or dirt driveway contractors in Angie's List from Brevard County prompted me to immediately help this man out because he took care of me, my home and my family. Thank you.Type your paragraph here.

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Angie's List Customer Review.

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Aardvark Paving Inc.​

The "Task Process" of Asphalt Repair requires extensive workmanship and expertise in completing a job from Start to Finsh.  Customer satisfaction is the priority principle in maintaining Aardvark Paving Inc. long term reputation.  "We don't cut couners" and guarantee our work.

Walter Brown

Owner/Asphalt Paver Contractor